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blends and single origin

ESPRESSO: Buzz’s “NCK” roast is a traditional style espresso blend of Heirloom Brazilian coffee and East African coffees that is aimed at balancing high and low notes in the “ristretto” style shots we pull in our cafe every day. N C K blend is great as a stand alone traditional espresso or in milk drinks. Depending on availability, we also offer single origin espresso roasts that highlight regional and processing attributes of each coffee.

pour over

single origin coffee

Non-espresso whole bean: Buzz searches out coffees from around the world to offer as pour-over options both in our cafe and for coffee lovers at home. Our roasting parameters and brewing specs are carefully calibrated based on how each coffee presents in our quest to highlight the best in all that we serve. Great coffee invites experimentation and we encourage anyone who shares in our coffee excitement to experiment with brewing techniques and parameters